Iceland : the land of ice

  • Iceland is not only the land of ice but also of hot natural geysers where people go to bath .
  • It is an experience like no other, 
  • Iceland still contains some active volcanoes that make this place all the more beautiful. 
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Barcelona - A beautiful city

Barcelona is a wonderful place to visit. It is a unique city with so many fun places.
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Area 51 - in Nevada, United States

Area 51 : This place is quite mysterious. It seems just a prohibited place, but actually it is a US military base . Nobody is allowed to even sneak into .
There are many stories about why area 51 in Nevada exists.

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Hof Van Cleve- Restaurant in Belgium

Hof Van Cleve is a restaurant in Belgium which is considered by many to be one of the best restaurants in the world.

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Confront your fear

Do things in life that can help you to confront your fear.
Getting rid of fear shows strength and character.
Adventure takes you such places where you can overcome fear.
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La Tomatino : Day when tomatoes rain

La Tomatina festival in Spain occurs every year. Tomatoes rain this day in the town of Bunol, valencia.

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Ancient city of Persepolis

  • Persepolis is now the ruins of a once big city in the Ancient world. It is still preserving its grandeur.
This place is in Iran .

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Swan Valley in USA

Swan Valley is a beautiful valley in Montana in United States. Renowned place for horseback riding in wilderness.

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Seychelles- true island Paradise

Seychelles is a true island Paradise. Even the newly wedded prince William of Royal family of Britain went here for a honeymoon.

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The beautiful coast of England

England's coast is very beautiful, because it contains cliffs and high rising rocks that look white in color.
On the top there is green vegetation, beneath the blue waters of the sea lash against the lofty peaks.
It looks awesome in foggy climate .
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Easter Island - In the heart of Pacific Ocean

Easter island located in the Pacific Ocean , is famous for its moai statues .It is a world heritage site and our ancestors beautiful carvings there are class apart .

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Atcama Desert - The Driest Place On Earth in South America

Atcama desert is located in South America in Chile . It is a long span of around 1000 kms on the coast of Pacific GrandOcean . It is one of the best place for astronomers to look beyond earth with clear sky throught the year .

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ULURU - A beauty on Earth in Australia

ULURU also called Ayers Rock is a beautiful spot in Australia . It is now a World Heritage Site .

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