Map of the Moon

Astronomers were always wanting to know how the moon looked and what all features it had. To show this, they had to draw the map of the moon.
Who was the first man to ever do this ? Galileo Galilee is credited with making a map of the surface of the moon using his own built telescope.
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Face On The Moon

When watched from the Northern Hemisphere, the moon seen from the naked eye seems to have a face built into it .
It is not very clear but there are someting like eyes, nose and mouth.
This has inspired countless poets and writers and even astronomers.
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HD Moon Pic

This is how the moon looks in high resolution. It looks glistening and full of meteor craters.
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First men on Moon

This is a photograph of the 3 men that first landed on the Moon ,

  • Neil Armstrong
  • Buzz Aldrin
  • Michael Collins
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How Earth Looks from moon

Earth looks so good when viewed from the moon. It justifies its name, the Blue Planet .

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Pics of Saturn V rocket

Pictures of the saturn V rocket, the first rocket to propel man onto mo
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About the moon

The moon is a satellite of the earth that looks biggest and brightest in the night sky. The moon has kept fascinating us till NASA astronauts first landed on the moon.

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Sublime Nature - benefits of nature

Nature is a how earth behaves with us. It can be destructive at times, but most of the times it is serene and beautiful.
Staying in connection and breathing easy helps to de-stress easily.
Life becomes better in companionship with nature.
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Big Sur is a huge surge

Big Sur is a large region in California that consists of mountains rising right near the ocean.

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Highway 1 : The pacific Highway

Driving alongside the pacific ocean gives tranquility, calm and sheer pleasure.
It is a long drive enthusiast's delight.

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California is a beautiful place

California is a beautiful place, in the United States of America. It has the wonderful Napa valley and great scenaries with enchanting valleys including the silicon valley.
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Rio offers Panoramic views

Rio is a beautiful city towards the coast . It is in brazil offers panoramic views.

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RAF Menwith Hill : A secret place

RAF Menwith Hill is a large place in the United kingdom. This place is completely secret and only special people are allowed.

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Mount Weather - a real place

Mount Weather Emergency Operations Center is a place in USA that is supposed to be a last retreat in case of
  • Nuclear catastrophe
  • Or Apocalypse.
But, this area is restricted now. 
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Places That You Can't Visit

Mezhgorye : It is a place in Russia that is like Area 51 in USA. There are no photos of this place and it is under high security.
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Moscow's Secret

Moscow Metro - 2 is an entire train subway in Russia that is kept secret from the public. It is believed that this was just for the use of secret agents.
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Most Ancient Place : Gobekli Tepe

  • Gobekli Tepe is a place in Turkey, where archaelogists have found perhaps the oldest temple in the world.
  • It dates back to the neolithic period. 
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Stonehenge : An Unknown place

  • Stone henge is a stone construction done by very ancient people in England.
  • It seems unique because it is in the middle of extensive wilderness and countryside in england.
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Abu Simbel Temple- gigantic statues

Abu Simbel temples are massive temples in the country of Egypt. They contain mammoth stone statues of pharaohs and their wives.

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Angkor Wat tree : Giant tree

In the Angkor Wat temple in Combodia, there is a gigantic tree with roots clearly exposed over construction.
This place and this tree are one of a kind. It is a sacred tree.
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Angkor Wat in Combodia- Largest Temple in World

The largest temple in the world is at Angkor Wat in Combodia.
This temple has a huge complex and many interesting things to see. 

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Scotland is a Marvel

The country of Scotland is hailed by all in the world.
It is country full of farms and towns and beautiful natural views.
Scotland has a rich history and many towering castles.

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Wildlife in Antarctica

Watch the penguins in Antarctica. Not only the penguins , but seals, walrus , and huge whales as well.

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Land of Thousand Lakes : Finland

  • Finland not only houses Nokia but also the country of a thousand lakes.
  • Thousand lakes was just an understatement as Finland has more than a hundred thousand lakes. 
  • Still, they don't cover up the whole area, Finland has land actually.
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Petra : Monument carved into mountain

Petra is a huge monument carved into a mountain in the country Jordan.
It looks gigantic and has been in many films.

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Northern Lights or the Aurora Borealis

  • Aurora Borealis lights up the night sky with colorful display, colors dashing across the sky.
  • It is a beautiful phenomena that happens in arctic regions like norway, canada etc. 
  • These lights enchant everyone present there. 

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Serengeti national park in Africa

Serengeti is a national park in Africa. It holds amazing animals- cheetahs, lions, elephants.
One should visit this place on a safari and see beautiful animals.

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Tianzi Mountains in China

  • Tianzi mountains are unlike any other mountains in the world.
  • They are vertical thin chunks of rock with equally deep gorges. 
This place has been the center of tourist attractions and photographers .

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Taj Mahal : Monument of Love

Taj Mahal is a monument dedicated to love. It is in Agra , India and built by Shahjahan a Mughal emperor.

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Meteora monastery in Greece

  • Meteora is a monastery in Greece.
  • It was built with remarkable engineering on the top of a vertical cliff by ancient greeks.

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Skydive over mount Everest

Skydive over mount Everest . It is a great experience that helps to overcome the fear of heights.
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Norway : the land of Fjords

  • Norway is a country of beautiful mountains called fjords.
  • These mountains jut out of the land and overhang above the rivers below. 
  • The heights of these fjords can be as high as 600 metres. 
  • This photograph is of one of such fjords called Preikestolen.
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Nova Scotia : Canada

Nova Scotia is a state in Canada that looks very beautiful and has some historic buildings.
Many of the wallpapers have been made on these locations.

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Leh : On Top of the Land

  • Leh is a city in the heights of the Tibetan plateau. 
  • It is the highest city in the world. 
  • There is a big castle and a huge buddhist following in this place.
  • People get a lot of calm and relaxation here in this city of India. 

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Iceland : A great World in a Small Place

Iceland is a wonderful place on earth. Although it is a small island, it offers many entertainment options.

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What's it with Secret Places

Secret places are used by governments to perform secret actions.
They inspire mystery and awe among people .
There are many known secret places in the world and many still unknown.
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Yellowstone National Park : Beautiful Pics

Yellowstone National Park in USA is actually a giant volcano. It is deemed a Super Volcano.
Although, its pics are really gorgeous.
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Machu Picchu in Peru

Machu Picchu is the ancient city of the Incas. They were a flourishing civilization that left behind this mythical city . It is now a World heritage site and a wonder of the world.
It is located in Peru, South America.

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Valley of the Kings ( Pharaohs )

Valley of the Kings
  • It is the valley where there are tombs of all Pharaohs - egyptian kings.
  • It looks eerie yet beautiful.
  • It lies in Luxor, Egypt.

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A Myth about Pyramids at Giza

A myth about Pyramid of Giza. It is believed that the pyramids of giza are the tombs of the pharaohs , but they are not.
The tombs of pharaohs are in the Valley of Kings.
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Majestic Curves in Antelope Canyon

  • This is a Canyon in USA that graces many wallpapers.
  • Photography enthusiasts go here to get the most striking pics of this mighty canyon.
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Facts about Pyramid of Giza

Fact about Pyramid of Giza
  • The Great pyramid of giza is the heaviest structure on earth.
  • It is earthquake resistant.
  • It is perfectly horizontal building.
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Pyramid of Giza

Pyramids of Giza ( Egypt ) are meant to be seen as they are so majestic and massive. They are built with high precision by ancient Egyptians which makes it a wonder of the world.

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Noma : A classic restaurant in Denmark

Noma is a popular name . It is restaurant in Copenhagen, Denmark that is renowned worldwide as being the best in the world. If you travel to Denmark, its a place to sit and eat .

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